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What a way
To start your day
It’s Rick and Daryl
Hey, hey, hey!!!

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Normily Reaction Gifs
(please like or reblog if you are going to use, as a form of credit)

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Someone asked for shirtless black&white Reedus , so here we go!

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twd challenge: 13/?

character who changed for the best - Daryl Dixon

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I never paid much attention to Daryl’s « grunt » in this scene

It obviously makes me sad but it also makes me feels things, if y’all know what I mean…

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Get to know Norman Reedus (insp.)

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The real fucking problem of being in a fandom.

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TWD Original cast + Google ( insp x )
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That’s plenty romantic

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Poll ~16 What is your favourite Rick and Daryl scene?

  1. "You’re my brother"(4x16) ~77%
  2. Daryl wanting to sacrifice himself for Rick and others(4x16) ~7%
    Daryl touching Rick’s belly(4x1) ~7%
  3. "You’re family too"(3x15) ~5%
  4. Daryl taking gun from Rick(2x11) ~4%
  5. Conversation on the porch(2x12) ~0%

Thank you all for voting!

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the daryl dixon meme — favorite scenes (3/5)

You want blood, I get it. Take it from me, man.”
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